Colleges' shared approach to IPDS: May 21, 2003 saw a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Fire Service College (FSC) and the Scottish Fire Services College (SFSC) to ensure effective co-operation between the two Government-sponsored establishments assisting with the development and implementation of the Integrated Personal Development System (IPDS).(Training)

What, you may be asking, does this memorandum of understanding mean for IPDS? Making this partnership successful will afford an opportunity to influence training and personal development on a national and international basis. Throughout the MOU the FSC is recognised as the UK Fire Service's central provider and the SFSC as a Government sponsored regional centre. The partnership approach will accelerate the development of IPDS initiatives for the Service, including the development of resources and methods of delivery.


* The FSC and the SFSC are both Government-sponsored organisations;

* The FSC and the SFSC have management reporting lines within ODPM and Scottish Executive respectively;

* They are independent of any fire authority.

* Though funded differently their service deliverables are the same;

* Both organisations are flag carriers for IPDS with a high degree of commitment in personnel and finance;

* Both organisations are seeking to provide 'centres of excellence' status;

* Independently they are able to influence UK and European-wide personnel development markets;

* They are able to co-ordinate common approaches and attract, via the national awarding bodies, support from QCA/SQA. This reduces duplication of qualification and assessment systems; and

* Funding arrangements, whilst different in structure, involve the spending of allocated Government funds by UK brigades at either establishment. …

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