Biggest training centre in south succeeds in environmental protection.(Queensland Fire and Rescue Service)

The International Joint Operations Command Conference on November 1213 in Belfast will feature various training simulation packages. This issue we feature the largest training facility for firefighters in the Southern Hemisphere, located in the Port of Brisbane at the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service's (QFRS) Training Academy in Australia

The $AUD14.7 million QFRS academy officially opened in October 2001 and is home the Live Fire Campus, the Technical Rescue Cell, the Vector Command Centre (computer simulation programme) and various training rooms.

More than 16,000 people have trained at the academy between its opening and the end of June 30. Of these, 192 officers from the New Zealand Fire Service have been trained as part of their Officer Training Program. Fire crews from Papua New Guinea have been trained, along with emergency response teams from mines in PNG and petroleum companies from around the Pacific region such as Malaysia, Fiji and Noumea.

Recently the academy also saw an Australian-first with an experiment involving a fully developed suburban rail carriage fire and the recording and monitoring of the progression of the fire and temperature levels. These measurements will be used for computer modelling ultimately and is keenly watched by scientists and fire-engineering experts around the world hoping to take some of the guesswork out of predicting fire spread in train carriages and the impact of train fires in tunnels.


The Live Fire Campus is situated within the grounds of the Lytton Caltex Petrol Refinery at the Port of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is accessed by a secure road that links the main academy to the Live Fire Campus.

The Live Fire Campus is a facility designed by operational firefighters for strategic and tactical emergency incident management functions. Expert advice on the construction and design of the centre came from Swedish fire officers. …

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