IPDS and USAR training for the Service: FIRE spoke to Daryl Oprey and Jan Ozimkowski to find out how big a task the training for USAR under New Dimensions auspices really is.(training)(urban search and rescue)(improved point detection system )

The first and strongest point that Daryl made was that not all the skill sets involved in urban search and rescue (USAR) are new to the Service. The biggest challenge in implementing training and development to continue to reduce the risks in our communities which includes the 'New Dimension' threat, is in applying national occupational standards, to all that we do whether we are in a role of firefighter or as a manager.

Daryl described some misplacement or underdevelopment of skills in the Service, which affects managers as they were almost becoming firefighters. Rightly he states that the manager does not have to be able to do everything that a firefighter can, but only needs to know what firefighters or members of their response can do. …

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