Firelink: your questions answered.(communications)

Providing better coverage than at present and improved interoperability, security and resilience, Firelink is at the heart of the modern Fire Service, indeed it is at the heart of the modern emergency response from rubbish fires to large scale disasters requiring multi-agency response. What will it provide, when will it be implemented, what technology will it rely on? Here, FIRE peers over the fence of Government communications strategy to bring you, the practitioners, the answers to some of you questions.

The solution procured through Firelink is anticipated to provide not only the radio bearer or network, but also, end-to-end voice communication, end-to end data including status messaging, text messaging and automatic vehicle location (AVL). Moreover, the project will provide the Fire Service with mobile data hardware interfaced to mobile fire resources and control rooms/fallback controls.

The radio bearer will carry both voice and data, and implicitly this will involve provision of all necessary base stations, switches and any point links.

End to-end voice entails provision of voice communications between mobile fire resources such as appliances and the Fire Service control rooms and fallback controls. …

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