Fully-managed Airwave voice & data solutions for the Fire & Rescue Service.(Advertisement)

Airwave is a highly-resilient national digital radio communications network, dedicated to the emergency services and other authorised public safety users.

It will deliver guaranteed geographical coverage and clarity of voice transmission. As importantly, the Airwave data channel will be available even when voice traffic is particularly heavy, so information should always be delivered in a timely manner.

The network--which employs the latest encryption technology to ensure that all voice and data transmissions are totally secure--will be fully rolled out by the middle of 2005. O2 Airwave is therefore in a strong position to quickly provide service to the Fire & Rescue Service ...

Working in partnership

O2 Airwave recognises that each Fire Service has Key requirements, such as ensuring health and safety of crews at incident, which requires resilient voice and data solutions to support specific operational processes and procedures.

The company's response to this and all other such issues us always customer-focused. …

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