Ben funds ambitious therapy bid: with its experience in rehabilitation, recovery and prevention of injury, the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund is about to run a pilot scheme in Strathclyde part of the fund's ambition to be the primary provider of rehabilitation and therapy to the whole service.(Charity News)

Back in FIRE April (pg 16) you highlighted the uncommonly high, 43 per cent, of medical retirements in the Fire Service compared to other public services. You also touched on stress and how the Ben Fund currently fits into the health support of the Fire Service.

You highlighted that muscular-skeletal problems makes up the largest group, and there is also a large stress level often linked not to a single incident but to a cumulative number of such incidents. Some observers put stress as high as a quarter of cases of medical retirement and it is increasing, while more than 40 per cent of medical retirements appear to relate to muscular-skeletal problems.

There has been a pressure put on brigades to rehabilitate unwell firefighters and to put the stress on health and safety issues, in order to avoid work related injury--if medical retirement is not an option. …

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