We are not alone.(Training firefighters)

Before the sounds of the green goddesses died away following the second national fire strike, debate raged about the effectiveness of troops providing a basic level of fire and rescue cover. With enormous changes in the way the Fire Service develops and trains its staff now in full swing, it is worth reflecting on how the Army and more locally based emergency organisations such as the Police train in the competence based culture

The combat infantryman is the military role that appears to be the most analogous to the operational firefighter. Individual skills--rifleman, machine gunner and leaders--build up into an effective team in a similar way to an operational firefighting or rescue crew. Despite the obvious differences in that firefighters are rarely the subjects of hostile intentions and acts hazardous to health, safety is paramount in both services.

The British Army's target tot staff recruitment and training in 2001/2 was 575 officers and 9,442 soldiers, a target that the service largely met and in some areas exceeded. …

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