Scientists recreate World Trade Center collapse.(News Extra)

A computer simulation of the mass evacuation from World Trade Center Building 1 (WTC1) has concluded that everyone who could get out did get out prior to the building's collapse. Had WTC1 been fully occupied with its 25,000 capacity, an extra 4,400 people would have died. Scientists at the University of Greenwich used their EXODUS evacuation simulation software to recreate the disaster as it unfolded in the building struck first in the terrorist attack.

The impact of the aircraft severed the three emergency staircases, effectively dooming those caught above. The simulations reveal that had a single staircase survived, linking the top of the building to ground level, it is likely those people surviving the crash would have successfully evacuated. However, it would have been a very different story had the buildings been fully occupied.

The evacuation simulation software package, buildingEXODUS, developed by the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) of the University of Greenwich, is being used to probe the tragic events of September 11 in which over 2,000 building occupants are thought to have perished--over 1,400 people in WTC1 alone. …

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