'Flying Carpet' for high-rise rescue: Dr David Metreveli has developed a remarkable technology to rescue people trapped beyond the reach of ladders in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.(Firefighting Technology)

The proposed E Vertical Take-off and Landing (VIOL) aerial rescue platform is designed to rescue up to 10 people at a time from areas which cannot be reached by conventional fire escape, conventional helicopter or a helicopter equipped with the Hell-Basket. Narrow canyons, oily streets, smokestacks, bridges, television and other lower constructions can all be accessed by the Eagle, which can also be equipped with floats for water rescue operations.

Ducted fan technology

The design of the Eagle is based on ducted fan technology, powered by a number of internal combustion engines, on top of which a double-deck is mounted. This aerial platform has significant advantages ever conventional helicopters, being manoeuvrable and able to fly close to, or under, different obstacles. …

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