Live training: there have been several serious accidents in recent months where firefighters have been killed, or seriously burned, during 'live-fire' training burns.(Training)

Sometimes these bonding evolutions hove been concluded in acquired derelict structures while on other occasions they nave occurred in purpose built 'burn' structures located at the fire training schools. While the benefits and obvious advantages of taking Training to realistic limits are acknowledge, the questions should be asked--are we going too far? Or are we failing to go far enough?

These incidents ore becoming disturbingly common in the USA and recent deaths in Denmark have demonstrated that the problem is escalating. In the USA, live-fire training is regulated by an advisory standard (NFPA 1403) that provides extensive information in a 64-page document focusing on minimizing risk and exposure to firefighters undertaking training.

The standard has been adopted as law in some states but in many others it is only for guidance. The 1403 standard advises that live-fire training offers an ongoing means of maintaining and improving earlier acquired skills, while developing an appreciation of the necessary safety aspects of structural (in particular) firefighting.

The entire document is based upon sound principles in risk-assesing the structure to be used and suggests proven guidelines on acquiring and preparing structures for live-burns. …

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