Crushing message for car arsonists: Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service has found a solid solution to the "growing scourge" of vehicle arson in its area--crushing abandoned cars into a metre long cube.(Special Services)(Brief Article)

The DVLA's CUBIT crusher, a 200,000 [pounds sterling] mobile 'monster' machine, is currently touring the country in a bid to literally extinguish the problem of abandoned cars.

Phil Brooks, head of Community Fire Safety at Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said abandoned cars were being cleared from the streets in Shropshire and crushed in a joint exercise between fire, police and the local authority.

"We aim to significantly reduce the growing problem of abandoned cars being deliberately set on fire in towns across Shropshire.

"Our county is above the national average for car fires so the use of the CUBIT car crusher really is a unique opportunity to rid the streets of this scourge. …

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