North Yorkshire speeds up rescues; North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has recently taken steps to improve its service provision at road traffic accidents. The combined fire authority has approved plans to equip 14 appliances with new hydraulic rescue equipment, enabling speedier release of casualties.(Special Services)(Brief Article)

The brigade's hydraulic rescue equipment has until recently been carried on four specialist emergency tenders based at Tadcaster, Rippon, Richmond and Malton which, given the size of the county, is recognised as not being ideal for those areas more than 35 minutes travel time from these stations. Only when the new equipment is in place will the four emergency tenders be removed from service.

The approved plan, which does not carry any additional cost implications, will mean that the crews that arrive first at road traffic incidents will have with them the best rescue equipment to enable them to remove casualties without delay.

Two new vehicles have also recently been delivered which will further enhance the brigade's rescue capability. …

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