'Naive bunkum' attack on so-called fire 'experts'; in a hard-hitting speech to delegates at the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association AGM last month, Chairman John Worboys attacked the dangerous 'sacrificial' building approach of the current economic environment and the so called fire 'experts' who are popping up with the advent of the new self-assessment regime.(Seminar Report)

Speaking at this year's AGM, FETA Chairman John Worboys attacked the new economic environment, "which regards buildings to be 'sacrificial', is dangerous and just begging for a tragedy to occur.

"All of us who have been in the industry for some while know that there is always another tragedy just around the corner. Unpredictable, terrifying and violent fire is still a major risk to society and requires constant vigilance, together with the means to fight it."

My Worboys continued: "Just because we have enjoyed great success in bringing fire losses and deaths down to a reasonably low level does not mean we now throw away the very means by which we have succeeded."

This was underlined in DCFO Alan Holmes' presentation, in which he cited research which showed that 80 per cent of businesses that do not have a business continuity plan go out of business with one year of a fire; 70 per cent of business that suffer a major data loss cease trading within two years; and, 80 per cent of businesses that suffer a moderate fire either do not stay in business, lose their market share or lose their skilled staff to competitors. …

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