Looking back.


JULY 1978

* The Editor of FIRE, Harry Klopper, gave way to Val Hargreaves who was become the benevolent matriarch of the British Fire Service. The daughter of CFO Perkins of Southport, she was born on Leeds fire station which gave her an excellent pedigree!

* North West Water made the unpopular decision to levy a charge for connection to private hydrants, hose reels and sprinklers, thus getting round the obligation to supply water free for firefighting. Sprinkler charges were to go up from 20 [pounds sterling] per annum to over 1,000 [pounds sterling] and filled the Cumbria Fire Liaision Panel with alarm.

* The report was out on HMS Glasgow, where eight persons were killed while it was in build in Swan Hunter's yard, Newcastle. Three workmen lit up cigarettes in the confined auxiliary machine space and noticed that one puff was enough to consume the entire cigarette, but they did not realise the significance of an oxygen enriched atmosphere. …

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