Diary.(firefighting conferences)(Calendar)

JULY   1-2   Emergency Planning Society Annual Conference 
             Cardiff International Arena 
             Contact: The Emergency Planning Society 
             Tel: 020 8579 7971 
             Fax: 020 8579 7972 
JULY   1-4   Explosion Prediction and Mitigation 
             University of Leeds, Alison Whiteley, CPD Unit, School of 
             Process Environmental and Materials Engineering, SPEME, 
             University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT 
             Tel: 0113 343 2494 
             Fax: 0113 343 2511 
JULY  7-10   Road Crash Investigation 
             MoD Police Training Centre, Wethersfield, Essex, 
             Contact: Mrs Patricia Humphreys, Essex Fire and Rescue 
             Service, External Services, Railway Street, Braintree, 
             Essex, CM7 3JD 
             Tel: 01376 553831; Fax: 01376 325161 
             Email: patricia. … 

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