Jersey services satisfied with TETRA: recently FIRE visited Jersey to report on the world's first TETRA system, which is now used by the island's five emergency services. (Communications).(TErrestrial TRunked RAdio )

Jersey's Fire, Police, Honorary Police, Ambulance and Customs and Excise services all went live on the island's TETRA digital communications network earlier this year. The system had been used for inter-service exercises for some time, but until February this year not all services were using is operationally.

The system operates across six sites, giving coverage over the whole island and a substantial area of the surrounding waters. Of the six sites there is one base station, and one site which gives trunking. The users are currently exploring the possibility of installing repeaters in two areas of the island which are proving to be 'black spots', although all were keen to stress that the new TETRA system gives much improved coverage compared to the old analogue system. …

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