Corporate manslaughter arises from the ashes: as plans to introduce the new offence of corporate manslaughter are announced FIRE examines its possible impact on the Fire Service. (Special Report).

David Blunkett's recent announcement of plans to introduce a new offence of corporate manslaughter has been seen in many quarters as a response to a series of fatal train crashes and deaths in the construction industry.

Legislation was originally expected to apply only to companies. However, it is now clear that it will also apply to the public sector--and that brings the Fire Service within its remit. Yet few outside the Service are aware of the impact it will have on firefighters--and the service they are able to give to the public.

Two high profile cases in recent years illustrate the potential problems of the new legislation. Both, intriguingly, involve water based rescues--an area in which many brigades did not receive training until recently. (see pg 12 for more on water safety)

In 1999, Greater Manchester SubO Paul Metcalf died trying to rescue a teenager from drowning. …

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