Call for focus on hotel fire risk: when the forthcoming Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order takes effect hoteliers will have no excuse for holding on to outmoded fire safety precautions and systems. However, the author argues that a massive awareness campaign is needed to forewarn UK hoteliers. (Fire Safety).

At that time of the introduction of the Fire Precautions Act in 1971, I was a Leading Fireman in Blackpool--a large town of around 200,000 that grew at certain times of the year to over two million. At that time the knowledge, awareness and preparedness for the legislation by the hotel and boarding house industry was good and I think it was helped by the pro-active stance taken by the fire brigade in dealing with the legislation.

The main reason for this was that the legislation enshrined the duty for brigades to not only enforce the legislation, but also to encourage applications (form FP1), issue the technical requirements and then prepare, produce and issue the final fire certificate. It was therefore a 'cradle to the grave' involvement for brigades.

The irony is that although fire brigades inspect these premises once a year as they are designated high-risk premises, providing the owner has made no 'material changes' to the building, then the fire precautions issued within the original fire certificate are 'locked in time'. …

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