The negotiated settlement: fire service pay and conditions agreement 2003. (Negotiated Settlement).

On June 12 the Fire Brigades Union Recall Conference voted to accept the pay and conditions offer from the employers, averting by a matter of weeks an imposed settlement from Government. These extracts focus on the framework for delivery of the agreement and how duty systems will affect integrated risk management plans.


Stage 1 With effect from November 7, 2002

All current pay rates and retained fees for all ranks will be increased by four per cent. This increase will be paid as soon as possible after this agreement has been ratified and will be backdated.

Stage 2 With effect from November 7, 2003

A new pay structure, linked to the IPDS role structure and producing average pay increases of seven per cent, will be agreed by the NJC by October 31, 2003. The NJC has already agreed a role-based structure to replace the current rank structure and also that, in developing the detail of a new pay structure, it will need to consider differentials between each role, increments within each role (including the 15-year long service increment) and protection arrangements for individuals, where they are needed. It is for this reason that the pay increase at this stage is expressed as an average of per cent.

Stage 3 With effect from July 1, 2004

An increase of 4. …

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