Union heavyweight hits out at settlement wreckers. (Seminar Report).(Mike Fordham, Fire Brigade Union General Secretary)

In one of the hardest hitting speeches of his career FBU Assistant General Secretary Mike Fordham rounded on those he felt responsible for the drawn out dispute, hitting out at ODPM civil servants and CACFOA. Turning his 'compromiser' tag on its head, one of the union's key negotiators throughout the dispute delivered what may be his last address to the fire industry.

In his address to the Fire Industry Confederation's annual Westminster seminar, Building Bridges--The Future of Fire, Mr Fordham used the opportunity to vent frustration at what he believed was the damaging interference of individuals which exacerbated the protracted dispute.

In uncompromising mood Mr Fordham went on the offensive from the off, referring to Clive Norris' description of the "long and damaging dispute", he asked: "Who is responsible for that not being resolved much, much, much earlier? …

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