Sport unites the Service and reaches out to the community: FIRESport spoke to FSSAA Vice Chair CFO Tom Carroll of Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service about the association's role in uniting people through sport. (Profile: Tom Carroll).

CFO Carroll was quick to outline the positive relationship between sport and the Fire Service, voicing his support for any activity "that involves fitness, teamwork and self-improvement". He acknowledged the positive input of sporting activity into Service life in the way it compliments both the physical requirements of the job and the development of individuals within a team framework.

Going further, Mr Carroll recognised the unifying qualities of sport, noting its role in creating a "level playing field" [a pun for which he apologised]. Sport unifies individuals from different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, indeed from any group within society. Within the Fire Service, sport has a role to play in unifying the Service: "Rank, age, race etc are all out the window as soon as the whistle blows". …

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