Waterborne communications. (Watersafe Preview).(DS Developments )

Over the past 24 years DS Developments has earned its reputation as one of the UK's leading producer of waterproof communication systems. Designed to customers' specifications, the equipment is widely used in the UK and overseas by marine and land-based rescue services, police, fire and ambulance crews, all branches of the MoD including special forces, coastguards, customs, fishery patrols and training establishments, as well as sub-aqua and sailing clubs, powerboat racers and film location crews.

DS Developments now offers: waterproof cases for fixed VHF radios, DSC units, handheld radios, mobile phones, batteries, chart recorders, navigators, CCTE direction finders and radar; and waterproof speakers, fully integrated communications systems, personal transceivers, cordless helmet intercoms and cordless VHF interface. …

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