Akrotiri's unique firefighting team: US Air Force firefighters recently joined RAF and Defence Fire Service firefighters to provide fire cover at the military installation in Cyprus as the war in Iraq and strike action at home meant fire services were stretched to the limit. (Military Firefighting).

With flying activity at RAF Akrotiri probably at an all time high thanks to the war in Iraq, the station's Fire Section has expanded its complement of firefighters to provide a team Station Fire Officer Warrant Officer Phil Lawrence believes is unique. "We are probably the only station ever with a mix of RAF, Defence Fire Service, locally-employed civilians and US Air Force personnel employed at one time."

The US personnel have joined a Fire Section that still retains the nine Defence Fire Service personnel originally deployed to provide cover for Op Fresco. The increased activity at the base means they have stayed on, serving alongside RAF firefighters from a variety Of UK stations and with the continuing strike threat, meant an offer from the United States Air Force to provide extra support was gratefully accepted. …

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