If you can't stand the heat ... managing stress within the Fire Service. (Stress).

Discussion of ways in which the management of occupational and traumatic stress within the Fire Service might be usefully advanced through training and education programmes. Within the broader legal context of risk assessments, policy development and interventions for stress management, the sorts of issues which should be covered in training and education programmes for different groups within the Fire Service is briefly reviewed.

Developing an integrated and tailored approach to stress awareness and management within systems such as the IPDS could not be timelier. There is growing recognition in general of the legal, moral and economic justification for proactively addressing stress within the workplace. In terms of the Fire Service this includes awareness of the particular stressors associated with change management within the Service, new roles and remits for all occupational groups and the challenges posed by external pressures such as the prospect of CBRN and other terrorist threats.

The time is ripe for the UK Fire Service to be actively promoting stress management planning, education and training for their personnel as part of their commitment to meeting the challenges brought about by such New Dimensions and other aspects of broader organisational and environmental change.


This is not only a desirable option; it is also a legal requirement. …

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