Two men and a van: it is now absolutely clear. The Government and local authority interpretation of risk assessment management is a cuts agenda. Why else would they go through the most elaborate reform of working practices and fire cover provision ever seen while insisting on maintaining the existing budgets? Contends the FBU General Secretary. (Comment).

Why the above statement? Bcause they plan to pay for any increases in salaries and operational costs by cutting establishment numbers and scrimping on fire cover standards.

This is why the Pathfinder exercise carried out over several years by Fire Service professionals has been rejected in favour of the Bain Report completed in a few weeks by Fire Service outsiders in order to underpin Government pay policy in the public sector.

If the underlying purpose was really improving, by modernising service provision, then surely the Government would have asked local Fire Service authorities to bring forward their plans fully costed and then set the level of central Government support for each authority. …

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