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Comprehensive information on paint retail channels.(ECONOMIC CENSUS Part 2)

American Coatings Association

As we observed last month (Coatings Tech, January 2010, p. 50), the coatings industry in the United States benefits from having what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive collection of government reports on business activities of any country in the world. The U.S. federal government compiles reports that provide an astonishing amount of information on a wide range of business activities, and virtually all of it is made available at no cost to interested businesses and analysts.


While many track our industry by its NAICS designation (325510)--using that code to analyze, for example, the M325F series and other reports on outgoing shipments of coatings--the Census Bureau also tracks and publishes significant information gained from other perspectives, such as coatings retail outlets. In the 2007 Economic Census, just as the Census Bureau obtained data from coatings manufacturers on the various inputs into their manufacturing (such as pigments), it similarly obtained more granular detail from retailers as to their own sales; in this case, quantified under a variety of product codes for paint and sundries. These reports reflect data submitted by retailers under their own NAICS designation (e.g., paint and wallpaper stores reported under NAICS 44412).

Looking at the total retail market size for paint and sundries from the retailer channel perspective, the 2007 Census provides substantial detail on architectural coatings retail sales--with paint and sundries primarily, but not wholly, moving through the "Building material and supplies dealers" categorized under NAICS 44412"--as shown in Table 1. …

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