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U.S. Radio

The following stations are member entities of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) and employ NAFB member broadcasters.


Fresno, CA KMJ Radio

1071 W. Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA 93711: 559/490-

5800, FAX: 559/490-5977

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster: Sean Michael Lisle

Gen Mgr: Patty Hixson

Ad Sis Mgr: Paul Stuart


Wattage: 50,000w


Fort Morgan, CO 4K KSIR Radio

220 State St, Ste 106, P0 Box 917,

Fort Morgan, CO 80701: 970/867-7271,

FAX: 970/867-2676

Web site:

Farm Broadcasters: Nia Hill, Howard Hale

Gen Mgr. Alec Creighton

Ad Sis Mgrs: Val Romero (

Dorothy Unrein (

Wattage: 25,000w


Bloomington, IL WJBC Radio

236 S. Greenwood Ave. Bloomington, IL 61704;

309/829-1221, FAX: 309/827-8071

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster: Carrie Muehling

Gen Mgr: Red Pitcher

Ad Sis Mgr: Karen Campbell

(karen.campbell@regentcomm .com)

Wattage: 1,000w

Champaign, IL WDWS Radio

2301 S. Neil St. Champaign, IL 61820;

217/351-5300, FAX: 217/351-5385

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster. David Gentry

Gen Mgr: Mike Haile

Ad SIs Mgr: David Burns (

Wattage: 1,000w

Champalgn IL WYXY-FM Radio

2603 W. Bradley Aye, Champaign, IL 61821;

217/352-4141, FAX: 217/352-1256

Farm Broadcaster/Ad Sis Mgr: Gale Cunningham


Gen Mgr: Alan Beck

Wattage: 50.000w

Chicago, IL WGN Radio

435 N. Michigan Aye, Chicago, IL 60611;

312/222-4700. FAX: 312/222-4238

Web site:

Farm Broadcasters: Orion Samuelson, Max


Ag Sis Mgr: Angie Martin (

Wattage: 50,000w

Clinton IL WHOW Radio

2980 U.S. Hwy 51, P0 Box 497, Clinton, IL 61727;

214/935-9590. FAX: 217/935-9909

Web site

Farm Broadcasters: Jared White

Gen Mgr: Randal J. Miller (

Ag SIs Mgr. Randal J. Miller

Wattage: 5,000w/250w

Greenville, IL WGEL Radio

309 W. Main, Greenville, IL 62246: 618/664-3300

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster; Joe Doll

Gen Mgr/Ad Sis Mgr. John Kennedy


Wattage: 6,000w

Jacksonville, IL WLDS Radio

2161 Old State Rd, Jacksonville, IL 62650;

21 7/245-7171, FAX: 217/245-6711

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster: Roger Ward

Gen Mgr: Gary Scott

Ad Sis Mgr: Don Hamilton (

Wattage: 1,000w

Kankakee, IL WKAN Radio

70 Meadowview Center, Ste 400, Kankakee, IL

60901 815/935-9555, FAX: 815/935-9593

Web site:

Farm Broadcaster: James P. Dewey

Gen Mgr: Mike Moyers

Ad SIs Mgr: Beka Berry (

Wattage: 1,000w

Litchfield, IL WSMI Radio

PC Box 10, Litchfield, IL 62056: 217/324-5921, FAX:


Web site:

Farm Broadcaster Randy Prange

Gen Mgr. Brian Talley

Ad Sis Mgr: Hayward L. Talley


Wattage: 1,000w/50,000w

Peoria, IL WMBD/WIRL Radio

331 Fulton St. …

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