Mondaq Business Briefing

The Importance of Reinvention or Oblivion

In an interconnected world where technology is developing at a dizzying rate, competition is relentless and consumers calling out for innovation, the question remains: Is it possible for a consolidated trademark to reinvent itself? History has proven that not only they can, they must. Kodak, Remington, Blockbuster and Sony Ericsson are just a few examples of big trademarks that revolutionized industries, preferred and valued by millions of people around the world, but that fell to the same mistake; falling asleep, watching life pass by and not taking part. Failing to innovate

On the other hand, there are companies such as Nokia, who are not willing to disappear and have put up a tireless fight to regain their former glory, reliving their best moments and developing an interesting mix between classic and technological. …

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