Mena Report

Binder, Hydraulic Fluid, Oil, Liquid Filling Hydraulic, Two-Component Adhesives, Preparations Insulating Foam, Plastic, Lubricants, Flotation Reagent, Loads Klejowe

Periodic indicative notice without call for competition:

Binder mineral-cement, hydraulic fluid, oil, emulsifying and anti-freeze liquid to refill hydraulic, two-component polyurethane adhesives, mineral-organic, urea, preparations for hydrating and wetting of coal dust, insulation foam, urea-formaldehyde, antypirogeniczna, low, medium and high foamable and isolating material and sealants, lubricants, reagent flotation of coal, loads klejowe.

This contract is divided into lots: yes

Major organization : JASTRZEBSKA SPLKA WEGLOWA S. …

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