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Lego Is Looking for Someone to Play around with Bricks for [Pounds Sterling]27,000 per Year

Most of us have fond memories of playing around with Lego as a child.

But for those who never quite grew up -- the perfect job has just arrived.

The toy company has announced it is seeking a new Master Model Builder to spend all day crafting mesmerising Lego creations.

Sounds too good to be true? It gets better. Not only will the lucky brick-lover be given free reign to frolic around with Lego all day -- they will also be paid a salary rumoured to be around [pounds sterling]27,000 for the pleasure.

But sadly, as with most jobs, there's a catch.

22 in the world

The new position is one of only 22 jobs of its kind in the world, meaning competition for the role will be fierce. …

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