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Attention, hungry shoppers: you've lucked out

There must be an acre of groceries in this vast space. The shelves are stocked with more sauces, spices, noodles and dried mushrooms than most non-Asians have ever imagined, as well as such preparations as kimchee, marinated pork heart, sweet and sour ducks' feet and wok-ready marinated beef. In the freezers there are samosas, shrimp toast, dumplings of all kinds and Asian ice creams; in the coolers, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino sausages.

The selection of fresh meats includes some offal oddities, and there's a dazzling display of fish and seafoods, both frozen and fresh. And if, like me, you treasure kitchen stuff more than you do jewels, try walking past the tableware and cookware without succumbing to something. If it's Asian, and Lucky Supermarket doesn't have it, it probably doesn't exist in the city.

But not everything here is Asian -- yes, there are ensamadas and green bean bread among the baked goods, but there are also City Bread ryes. …

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