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US Patent Issued to Automatic Equipment Manufacturing on March 4 for "Light-Weight Tow Bar and Leg Lock Therefor" (Nebraska Inventor)

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 4 -- United States Patent no. 8,662,523, issued on March 4, was assigned to Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Co. (Pender, Neb.).

"Light-weight tow bar and leg lock therefor" was invented by David Merchant (Lincoln, Neb.).

According to the abstract* released by the U.

S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A tow bar includes towing and towed hitch members; a head member with a front connector for connecting to the towing hitch member; tow bar legs connected to the head member, each tow bar leg including an outer member and an inner member telescopingly displaceable in the outer member; rear connectors to connect the inner members to the towed hitch member; and locking members each having a first portion adhesively secured to the distal end of the outer member, a second portion fixedly secured to the inner member, and a third portion including a transversely-oriented latch cavity through each inner member, biased opposing latches mounted in the latch cavity wherein the locking member automatically locks the respective inner and outer members relative to each other. …

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