DOWNLOAD; Access etiquette.(Advanced Fibre Communications' UMC1000 multiservice access platform, Atmosphere Networks' FSN 1200 optical access platform)(Company Business and Marketing)

Solving the last-mile bottleneck interests many service providers and equipment vendors. And as more access platforms saturate the market, vendors are attempting to meet those providers' desires to enable narrowband and broadband services.

Now, a mixture of narrowband service, multiservice broadband support and optical access on one platform is becoming a necessity to make service delivery profitable.

To meet this demand, vendors are adding depth to their offerings via acquisitions, partnerships or internal and joint developments. As optical networking moves forward, its inclusion in platforms is more critical than ever.

Advanced Fibre Communications, a developer of digital loop carrier (DLC) equipment, recently partnered with optical transmission equipment vendor Atmosphere Networks to add optical access to AFC's equipment portfolio. …

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