Special Report; A new hope.(Supercomm 1999)(Industry Trend or Event)

With the competition of two major U.S. wireless trade shows every year, Supercomm has always longed to be anotable wireless venue but never quite accomplished its mission. Most of the large, multitechnology vendors come to Supercomm, but few of them tote their cellular and PCS gear along. The show's wireless focus usually ends up being limited to areas such as operations support system software, wireless data applications and enhanced services platforms.

But the recent emergence of broadband wireless as a big-ticket technology item could change all that. Suddenly, the Supercomm scene is attracting the attention of a group of new and existing vendors that are aggressively pursuing broadband wireless-albeit to an entirely different class of carriers. The technology field has already partially usurped the presence of mobile wireless at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's show earlier this year, and the increasing prevalence of broadband wireless appears to be making this year's Supercomm a turning point in the show's wireless evolution.

The broadband force The lineup of vendors planning to address broadband wireless at Supercomm features many familiar exhibitor names, as well as some new additions.

Among the established vendors that will have their broadband wireless wares on display are Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks, both of which have established themselves as equipment leaders in this nascent industry sector. …

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