High-speed rings are here: Bandwidth-hungry carriers count on BLSR to bring OC-192 to the fore.(Northern Telecom, Hitachi Telecom)(Product Announcement)

By Susan Biagi Northern Telecom and Hitachi Telecom are throwing a coming out party for OC-192 rings. This month, Hitachi began shipping four-fiber bidirectional line switched ring technology for OC-192, and Nortel is announcing this week its four-fiber BLSR offering for OC-192.

Considered a natural evolution for OC-192 (9.6 Gb/s), four-fiber BLSR brings carrier-coveted ring survivability to high-speed networks. The new survivability feature will make OC-192 migration a no-brainer, said Steve Carter, senior manager of account marketing at Hitachi Telecom.

"Now with four-fiber BLSR, you can have your cake and eat it, too," he said. "You can have higher bandwidth with OC-192 without compromising your ring topology."

Brian McFadden, vice president and general manager of optical network applications at Nortel, noted that most carriers have planned for a transition to OC-192 and will deploy wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) to further boost capacity. …

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