Make room for the little guys. (participation of small and focused equipment providers in Supercomm 1997)

Supercomm gives smaller vendors a chance to shine

Supercomm '97 attendees with heavy interests in wireless won't find everything they need there, but if they step off the beaten track they will find several small and focused equipment providers showcasing their wireless network offerings.

Most of the big network equipment vendors - Lucent Technologies, Northern Telecom and Motorola among them - plan to use Supercomm to highlight their expertise in areas other than wireless, but the show will still feature many exhibits from wireless-related vendors. Ericsson, Hughes Network Systems, Tellabs, DSC Communications, Excel, Summa Four, Qualcomm, Cylink and Siemens Stromberg-Carlson are among the larger vendors that will devote at least some of their Supercomm booth space to products that can be used for wireless applications-products such as low-tier wireless systems, programmable switches and intelligent network platforms.

HNS will feature many of the same products it displays at wireless-centric trade shows, including its GMH 2000 wireless local loop (WLL) system and its AirReach offering, which is based on personal access communications system technology. …

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