The Scotsman

'I Hate Nuts but I Love Nutella'

I 'll usually have Nutella on toast for breakfast about three or four times a week, but the trick is how much you put on. Some people like to have a thin scraping, but that's not for me. It's got to be a lot. You don't get the full flavour otherwise.

I suppose what's strange is that I really love Nutella but I hate nuts. I like sweet things and chocolate, although I'm not keen on other chocolate spreads because they don't have that strong nutty flavour Nutella has. It's something about the combination of the two and the intensity of the flavour that really makes it work.

As well as toast, I like to spread it on top of a bit of banana, which is just amazing. I also really like it on waffles and, if I'm abroad, a Nutella crepe is even better. …

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