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New York casting directors.

Personnel Changes

Jackie Weiss is no longer with Harriet Bass Casting. Eileen Duffy has joined the company (p. 84).

Nikole Vallins has left Dave Clemmons Casting (p. 86) and has joined Jay Binder Casting (p. 84).

Duncan Stewart has joined Calleri Casting (p. 85).

Joy Dewing has joined Dave Clemmons Casting (p. 86).

Coreen Quagliano is no longer with Amy Gossels Casting (p. 87).

Jessica Kelly is no longer with Carol Hanzel Casting (p. 87).

Allen Greene is no longer with Impossible Casting (p. 88).

Jaslyn Melichar is no longer with Liz Lewis Casting Partners. Chris Silveri and Nick Makedon have joined the company (p. 88).

Debra Temco, Jenny Schulman and Sabrina Deschenes have left Beth Melsky Casting. Krissy Benge, Laura Richard and Chris Pilcher have all joined the company (p. 89).

Bonnie Marsh and Bianca Jamotte have joined Mitchell/Rudolph Casting (p. 89).

Michele Weiss has joined Cindi Rush Casting, Ltd. (p. 91).

Name Changes

Toni Romano of Extra Extra Casting is now known as Toni Pizzola (p. 86).

Kelli Lerner Casting/Artistic Endeavors LLC is now known as Kelli Lerner Casting (p. 88).

Bernard Telsey Casting is now know as Telsey + Company (p. 92).

Address Changes

Calleri Casting (p. 85).

Mitchell/Rudolph Casting (p. 89).

Paul Russell Casting (p. 91).

Susan Shopmaker Casting (p. 91).

Deleted Listings

Casting House East

Leonard Finger

Glenburn & Urban Casting

John Mabry

Sidra Smith Casting

Dani Super & John Mabry

Other Changes

Calleri Casting (Ph # deleted) (p. 85).

Casting by Charles Rosen & Scott Wojcik (new website) (p. 85).

Extra Extra Casting (Fax # removed) (p. 86).

Judy Keller Casting (Fax #, new website) (p. 88).

Koblin/Harding Casting (Ph.#) (p. 88).

Paladino Casting (Fax #) (p. 90).

New Listings

Central Casting New York (p. 85).

Super/Capes Casting (p. 92).


123 West 18th Street, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10011

(212) 675-3240


Casting Directors Carole Murray Duckworth and Dan Duckworth cast voice-overs only. Commercials, animated series/features, CD-ROMs & interactive, industrials, infomercials, audio books, medical narrations, English-As-Second-Language projects. Particularly interested in foreign language voice-over/narrator talent; also, experienced teen and pre-teen voice talent. Accepts voice samples on compact disc or e-mail sound files only. Should have an e-mail address. To be entered in active casting files, call to arrange an appointment for general interview and demo review. AAAVoiceCasting is a division of VoiceOvers Unlimited that provides training and other voice-over services. Please don't phone/fax or visit. Interviews by appointment only. Union or non-union. Attends showcases/accepts showcase invitations.

ABC /Touchstone Primetime Casting

157 Columbus Avenue, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10023

Rosalie Joseph, C.S.A. (VP, Casting), Marci Phillips, C.S.A. (Executive Director of Casting), Janet Murphy Butler (Executive Director of Casting/Talent Relations), Geoffrey Soffer, C.S.A. (Manager of Casting) cast for ABC/Touchstone Television. Accepts photo/resumes and demos by mail only. Also attends showcases. Interviews are by appointment only. Don't phone/fax or visit.

Alaine Alldaffer

416 West 42nd Street

New York, NY 10036

(212) 564-1235


Alaine Alldaffer (Casting Director for Playwrights Horizons) & Duncan Stewart (Casting Associate) cast films, theatre & television. Also casts for Soho Rep, Huntington Theatre (Boston) & others. Please don't phone/fax or visit.

Amerifilm Casting, Inc.

195 Chrystie Street, Suite 502G

New York, NY 10002

Meredith Jacobson Marciano (Owner/Casting Director), Laura Verbeke (Casting Director) cast for film, TV, music videos, industrials, print, etc. Submit PR via mail or email. If by email, mail a hard copy as well. Audio/videotapes and CD's will not be returned. Do not phone, fax or visit. Check updated casting info at

The Astoria Performing Arts Center

PO Box 195

34-23 Steinway Street

Astoria, NY 11101


Executive Director Taryn Drongowski and Artistic Director Brian Swasey cast actors/actresses for theatre and musical theatre and teaching artists for youth programs. Accepts mail submissions only addressed to "casting". Also accepts Director and Technical resumes. Do not call. No on-line submissions please. Non-profit organization.

Background, Inc.

20 West 20th Street, Suite 232

New York, NY 10011

(212) 609-1103


Casts union & non-union background actors for commercials, films, industrials, music videos and trailers. Not accepting new submissions at this time. PLEASE DO NOT PHONE, FAX, OR VISIT.

Barbara Barna Casting

249 Smith Street, PMB #122

Brooklyn, NY 11231

(718) 855-9522

FAX: (718) 858-3090



(do not send attachments in e-mails)

Barbara Barna casts for TV, infomercials, host searches, expert searches, "real people" and comedy. Union and non-union work. Don't phone, fax or visit. Accepts photos, resumes, postcards, demos and showcase invitations by mail only.

Bradley Baron

P.O. Box 1023

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

(201) 313-1107

Casts for commercials, films, TV, theatre, industrials, infomercials, CD-ROMs & interactive, print advertising, voice-overs. NO HEADSHOTS ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME. Currently only seeking audiotapes in the areas of BRITISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES. Audio/videotapes will not be returned. Please do not phone/fax or visit. Union and non-union.

[black square] Harriet Bass Casting

648 Broadway, #912

New York, NY 10012

(212) 598-9032

Harriet Bass (Owner), Eileen Duffy (Associate). Actors/actresses, all types. Cast for theatre, film, TV. Union only. Don't phone/fax or visit. No audio/video tapes. Accepts postcards only.

Jerry Beaver Casting

(212) 244-3600

Jerry Beaver (Owner/Casting Director) casts actors/actresses all types for TV, film, theatre, commercials, and voice-overs. Do not visit. Do not phone or fax.

[black square] Jay Binder Casting

321 West 44th Street, Suite 606

New York, NY 10036



Jay Binder, C.S.A. Casting Associates: Jack Bowdan, C.S.A., Mark Brandon, Megan Larche. Casting Assistant: Rachel Shapiro-Cooper and Nikole Vallins. Casts actors/actresses, all types, children (8-14), teens & dancers for film, TV, theatre; union work through agents only. Attends showcases. Don't phone/fax or visit.

Blue Man Productions

599 Broadway, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10012

(212) 226-6366



Deborah S. Burton (Casting Director) and Karen Rockower (Casting Associate) and Tascha van Auken (Casting Assistant) cast Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, and upcoming productions for The Blue Man Group. Don't phone or visit. Accepting submissions for audition by appointment. Accepts showcase invitations and attends showcases. …

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